For 2020 a decision was made to keep the membership fee at 300 SEK/NOK/DK. In order to apply for membership in NAN, please fill out ALL the requested information below in the message box or send the information via e-mail to

When we have recieved your application, the NAN steering committee will process your request and send you a response.

Please state in the message box to the right:

  1. Affiliation
  2. Country
  3. Address
  4. If you are primarily a researcher or a clinician
  5. Age groups you study/work with
  6. Clinical methods you are trained in/work with
  7. “Qualitative” measures you are trained in (e.g. Strange Situation Procedure, Adult Attachment Interview, etc.)
  8. Self-report measures you use (e.g. ASQ, ECR, IPPA, Security Scale, etc.)

Membership Application